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PharMax carousel
PharMax combines its unique inventory software with the reliability of carousel technology to streamline your drug distribution process. PharMax works with your existing pharmacy system to prioritize the daily drug fulfillment process. By employing barcode and “pick to light” or “pick by location” technology, PharMax enhances employee efficiency and improves dispensing accuracy while maintaining a perpetual inventory. These features, along with its affordable price, make PharMax a logical choice for your pharmacy.

PharMax system integration interfaces with your pharmacy information system, automated dispensing units, wholesaler and other automation to maximize the workflow process and enhance dispensing accuracy. Detailed inventory reports enhance efficiency of drug management. At ICS, we are dedicated to providing low-cost products and technology to assist the pharmacy director in developing efficient drug distribution systems.

Key Benefits:
  • Maximizes efficiency in workflow and order fulfillment
  • Barcode Utilization with Order Fulfillment, Re-stocking, Returns and Wholesaler Invoices 
  • Provides verification for drugs without barcodes
  • Pick by “Light” or pick by “Location” – Maximizes drug location utility
  • Perpetual Inventory in Carousel, Remote Shelving and Storage Areas
  • Increases inventory turns 
  • Eliminates redundant activities 
  • Reduces Inventory storage footprint
  • Software is designed with the user in mind
  • Interfaces with Automated Dispensing Systems, Pharmacy Software Drug Wholesalers and other Medication Dispensing Systems 

Main features:
  • Low cost solution
  • Interface with existing pharmacy order entry systems
  • Interface with the wholesaler and ADU systems for automated inventory replenishment
  • Maintains drug order queues 
  • Prioritize “stat” orders above routine orders
  • Maintains a perpetual inventory
  • Utilizes bar code scanning to enhance dispensing and restocking accuracy 
  • Optimizes drug storage capacity