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340B Software


LinkMax™ is a software solution for managing 340B related transactions while also providing the auditing trails needed to comply with the federal 340B program. LinkMax™ is a flexible solution that can be adapted to the "covered" entity’s pharmacy business needs. LinkMax is designed to manage, track, accumulate, and facilitate the ordering and management process that is associated with the 340B program. The utilization of this system enables the pharmacy to participate in the 340B program, thus automating the transaction accumulations and ordering processes.

SecureMax 340B™

SecureMax 340B™ is a medication and medical supply management tool designed specifically for provider-based clinics utilizing 340B priced medications. This low cost product allows a doctor’s facility to keep an accurate count of 340B medications and other non-340B items. SecureMax 340B™ provides full auditing of item usage along with patient-specific dispensing data. This data can be stored electronically or as a manual log. With comprehensive reporting and record keeping, physicians and their billing department can monitor each step in the product distribution process. A perpetual inventory with product-specific min/max levels allows for an automatic, product-specific reordering system.