"To provide cost-effective technology solutions to our customers in pharmacies and other clinical practice settings."

Inventory Control Specialists (ICS) provides top-tier inventory management software tailored specifically for the clinical practice setting. Each ICS software system provides capabilities for increased efficiency in storing, picking, and replenishing inventory and can be paired with automated shelving to decrease space requirements and increase security. All of this is centered around a core focus of increased accuracy in dispensing as well as ease-of-use for the client.

What sets ICS apart?

  • ICS is 100% US-owned.
  • The ICS SecureMax cabinets are manufactured in the US.
  • ICS is a privately held company.
  • ICS has an international customer base.
  • ICS has been in business since 2006.
  • ICS has over 20 years of executive management experience.
  • ICS offers consultation services.

What does ICS offer?

  • PharMax
    • Inventory management for the acute-care pharmacy: PharMax manages the dispensing workflow, perpetualizing the pharmacy inventory. PharMax uses barcode-scanning technology to verify dispensing accuracy and automated (carousel) shelving for increased storage efficiency. PharMax interfaces with multiple pharmacy information systems, multiple automated dispensing cabinet systems, and with all major pharmacy drug wholesalers.
  • SecureMax
    • Inventory control and management for high-visibility inventory: SecureMax manages dispensing workflow and perpetualizes inventory of high-value, high-risk inventory such as narcotics. SecureMax couples with a secure cabinet with electronically-controlled (SecureMax-controlled) locks to minimize access and maximize control of inventory. SecureMax focuses on tight auditing of all inventory access and accuracy using barcode-scanning technology. Applications include SecureMax 340B, SecureMax CII, and SecureMax MD.
  • 340B Software
    • The SecureMax system records all necessary information required for 340B auditing. This allows for the control and tracking of 340B inventory. In addition, ICS offers LinkMax in partnership with InfinityDesign. LinkMax accumulates 340B usage and ties that to the wholesaler purchase orders created through PharMax to ensure that all inventory is being purchased at the proper discounted prices.
  • LabMax
    • Inventory management for the laboratory: LabMax perpetualizes the consumable inventory within the laboratory. LabMax uses barcode-scanning technology with a focus on transparency and ease-of-use. LabMax facilitates the reordering process and focuses on reporting and visibility of inventory usage.